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Saroeung Neak and Ashley Hicks from JBG Smith talk a little bit about their back stories then get right into their vision for JBG Smith’s parking assets in the DC area. Next, Ashley gives us an education on EV charging stations. Finally, we discuss everything they are doing to set standards of excellence in their parking facilities and the unique challenges they face as an owner, operator and developer of real estate. 

This episode is Brett Wood's first episode as a host for Parker-X. He talks to Sarah Blouch; President and CEO of CampusParc about managing Parking and Transportation at Ohio State; the second largest academic campus in the country.

In this episode we talk to parking thought leader and UCLA Professor Donald Shoup about his back story, how he got started on his parking journey and where it has taken him. 

In this episode we catch up with Jimmy Maglothin; Founder and President of 20-20 Parking. We talk through his extensive back story, about going out on his own and current trends going on in parking today. Hope you enjoy!

In this episode we talk to Brett Wood, Parking and Mobility consultant from Kimley-Horn. This was an incredibly fun and educational episode that I know you will enjoy. The fight over the curb has begun and Brett Wood is leading the charge to change public policy and help cities and planners manage and monetize it. 

In this episode we sit with Susan Cyran while at IPMI 2019 in Anaheim, California. Susan is a Senior Property Manager for Boston Properties. I really enjoyed hearing things through the lens of the client. Practical application and problem solving wins! 

In this episode we chat with Roamy Valera, CEO of Pay By Phone on his 30th anniversary in parking. We go through what has to be one of the most interesting parking careers in the industry and get into what Pay By Phone is up to and where they are heading. I really enjoyed this interview and I hope you do as well. 

In this episode we talk to Patrick Ryan, LAZ Parking's Vice President of innovation. We have a very practical discussion on where our industry is heading and how LAZ will play a role now and in the future. We also discuss different technology trends like ticket-less, frictionless and Bluetooth. 

 In this episode we discuss the 4 pillars of business development; Branding , Marketing, Sales and Public Outreach. We also chat about managing relationships and working with local governments. 

 In this episode we talk to Tonyel Thompson with Real HR Hero about the challenges associated with finding people and creating job descriptions for parking industry roles and we discuss all of the dirty details about Public Works projects and Prevailing Wage.  

In this episode we answer some of the most common questions we are asked.   

1. What all do I need to consider when upgrading my Parking System. 

2. Cloud vs On-Prem or server on site? What to do. 

If you haven't heard, Inglewood is the place to be. The Rams, Chargers, the 2022 Super Bowl, the 2028 Olympics and maybe even the Clippers are all going to be calling Inglewood home. In addition, they are getting 2 Metro stations. Magic is happening in Inglewood. 

 In this episode, we talk to Jonathon Wicks with Walker Consultants about his operations background, his first role in parking, what parking is really about, the future of parking and how airports are innovating. 

Demystifying the payment card industry with Bill Lewis from 3C.

Julie Dixon from Dixon resources Unlimited and Mariana Garcia from The City of San Leandro.

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